At the joint meeting of the Regional School Committee (RSC) and the Union 26 Committee* on Thursday, May 18, ARPS Finance Director Douglas Slaughter was appointed acting superintendent to fill in for Michael Morris while Mike is on medical leave.

The Regional School Committee voted 7-1-1 and the Union 26 Committee voted 5-0 to appoint Slaughter acting superintendent until September 20, 2023, or until Morris returns, or until the committees decide otherwise by majority vote. Doug’s additional compensation (on top of his existing salary) will be $700 per week.

Doug was present at the meeting and accepted the appointment. The RSC and Union 26 chairs (Ben Herrington and Peter Demling, respectively) will finalize the details of Doug’s contract.

Regional School Committee:
Herrington YES
Shiao YES
Demling YES
McDonald YES
Sullivan ABSTAIN
Wolf NO
Stancer YES
Rhodes YES
Kenney YES

Union 26 Committee
Demling YES
McDonald YES
Rhodes YES
Stancer YES
Hall YES

Watch the video recording of the meeting on Amherst Media:

* The Regional School Committee and the Union 26 Committee (made up of three representatives from Amherst and three from Pelham) make decisions about the superintendent role.

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